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            Archive of Past Features: Apr-Jun 2023       
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 Casadie Smith delights in folk and fairy tales to personal adventures, and everything in between. Tonight, Casadie will explore tales from modern Cape Town, fictional castles in faraway lands, and her very own childhood home. At the center of these stories is the beating heart of Community.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  
 TIM GREENWOOD April brings showers of stories and poetry! Tonight this eloquent Canadian Storyteller celebrates Canadian & U.S. National Poetry Month with seldom heard epic poems (including Borrowed Black: A Labrador Fantasy), poems of personal significance, personal poetry and a story or two related to poetry.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Sara Armstrong Fascinated by traditional stories, Sara will be sharing several on a range of topics. She's particularly interested in stories with lessons that can make us all better people. Whether solving problems or offering different perspectives, she hopes tonight's tales will help forge new connections.
Hosted By: Barbara Aliprantis  

 Open Telling Ruth Edmonds Hill, our beloved Grandmother of Storytelling, passed away peacefully in the early morning of Saturday, the 15th. We'll be here with a special Guest Host for your fond memories of Ruth along with Open Telling.
Hosted By: Tony Toledo  
 Erin Mahone weaves together tales spanning four generations of her family of passionate, hilarious survivors. Her stories and songs illustrate the magic of falling in love with where we come from, finding meaning in the senseless, and breaking generational cycles of shame and fear on a quest for peace.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Open Telling While any story is welcome, we'd love to hear about those who inspired, motivated, and/or otherwise influenced what you listen to, and how you tell. Such as: Brother Blue, Donald Davis, Elizabeth Ellis, J.J. Reneaux, Jackie Torrence, Michael Parent, Ray Hicks, Tim Tingle, and the like.
Hosted By: Barbara Aliprantis  

 Nina Lesiga is the host of the Bridgeport Art Trail Storytelling Exchange, and a producer for PechaKucha Night visual storytelling, also in Bridgeport, CT. Nina's experiences as a young girl in Brooklyn, NY sparked her desire to live a surprising and unapologetic life full of uncommon adventures.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen
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 Simon Brooks This English fella and storyteller has the charm and razor-sharp wit to match. He re-writes and tells folk and fairy tales, myths and legends for everyone who wants to listen.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 Jim Brulé Jim Brulé is a transformational storyteller who invites us to be inspired and disturbed by stories with rich, often unexpected meaning. Jim will be exploring a work in development - some of the stories of the Golem and the Maharal of Prague. Come be inspired and disturbed!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 Susan Ida Boucaud from Toronto, serves up a compelling mix of personal and traditional stories. Producer and performer involved with numerous Canadian storytelling events, she helps coordinate and can often be seen and heard at our counterpart Neighbor to the North’s weekly series: 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 David Heathfield is a world storyteller, teacher trainer and author from Exeter, UK who loves celebrating cultural diversity and learning stories from people he meets from diverse cultures around the world. He runs Creative and Engaging Storytelling for Teachers courses for worldwide participants on Zoom.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Jane Dorfman tells tales of dutiful daughters and wise women, faithful sons and wicked kings, of magic skipping ropes and Irish heroes, of the angel Elijah and the fools of Chelm, of tricky animals and clever kids. And, she tells personal stories about her New Orleans childhood and her Maryland neighbors.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 Bethany Ellis is a much-travelled teller from Edmonton, Canada. She has told on a moving train, in a horse-drawn sleigh, and at a graveyard full of wild strawberries. Her stories tonight will feature a bagpipe-playing hedgehog, a wolf with delusions of operatic success, and a young man doing the impossible.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  

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