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  What if I want to be a Feature at The Story Space?  

The Story Space meets every Tuesday night, rain or shine, year round, and a featured storyteller is scheduled for each week, whenever possible. Features usually start at about 8:10 PM, after the Open Telling, a 10-minute break, and some (hopefully) brief announcements. Features typically run for about 40-45 minutes. Afterwards, each featured teller receives thunderous applause, warm appreciation, and a modest honorarium ($60.00).

The Havurat Shalom, where The Story Space now meets, is quiet & peaceful, and is very conducive to both Story Telling and Listening. Due to the intimacy of the space, the audience, although sometimes limited in size, is always enthusiastic, spirited, and tuned in. This is primarily an adult venue, but children are always welcome. Parents are advised that not all language and subject matter may be suitable for young ears.

The Story Space is a Storytelling venue, intended to promote the Oral Tradition. Reading printed material aloud is done on occasion, but verbal and physical presentation is the norm. Other artforms such as music, poetry, acting, mime, slideshows, and video, etc., are welcome, especially when being used to help present a Story. Costumes, props, and musical instruments are not uncommonly seen at The Story Space.

For Features and Open Telling alike, The Story Space welcomes a broad spectrum of styles, subject matter, and experience levels, and new voices are actively sought. Whether you are a seasoned teller looking to try out new material (or dust off some old favorites), or a newer teller who is ready to present a 30-45 minute program, we encourage you to become a Feature.

So, send an email to Bruce Marcus, already:  

or  info@StorySpace.Org

Promoting Your Feature:

To help us promote you and your upcoming performance, each Feature is strongly encouraged to provide us with the following:
  • A short blurb (280 characters max). It could be the title, or a brief description of your feature. Or just something interesting about you, like "Gadge Cubic tells a gripping story of love, lust, and larceny he calls Liquid Assets", or "Mystery woman Loris Cleachman wants everyone to know that her parents were entirely normal. Or were they?".

  • A headshot. It doesn't necessarily have to be of you in action, but it should be intriguing.

  • A link to your website, or to you performing somewhere online.

  • And, a short (30-90 seconds) audio sample.
  • We use all of this to create a "performer profile" for you on our Home page. After your Feature, your profile will remain accessible online. Thanks to this "WayBack Machine", AKA our Archive of Past Features, you'll still be able to see your Profile, and to give out a direct weblink to it.

    Naturally, you will also want to help publicize your Appearance by engaging in some active self-promotion as well. Feel free to post additional pictures and a longer description on our Facebook Page. We also strongly encourage you to hand out Flyers and put up Posters, etc. Also, make sure to notify everyone on your Mailing/Fan List, as well as in your Book Club, extended family, House of Worship, Rugby Team, Sewing Circle, 12-Step Group, and so on.


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