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 Lani Peterson Start off the New Year with stories of head, heart or spirit. With Lani, at least one of the three is sure to be touched.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Harry Mishkin blurs boundaries, combining original music with story, poetry, dreams and rants, with a wild 60's/70's free-form radio sensibility. Far out!!!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus
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 PETER CARCIA enjoys telling what it was like growing up in Boston's North End with immigrant parents and where everybody knew you. Be prepared to laugh out loud!!
Hosted By: Joe Pagliuca  

 SNOWSTORM -- CANCELLED Travel on Roads banned, and T is shut down. Steven Glines has been rescheduled for February 10th.
Hosted By:   
 Michael Anderson Brilliant, comic, and thought-provoking, Michael knows how to rock the house - and never fails to do so!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 SNOWSTORM -- CANCELLED Parking in Cambridge is banned, and the T is totally shut down. Steven Glines has been rescheduled for March 3rd.
Hosted By:   

 OPEN TELLING The incredible Simon Brooks can't make it down from New Hampshire, so we'll be having all Open Telling tonight. Tall Snow Tales, anyone?
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 Joe Pagliuca presents “Joe vs. Snow”: a perfect storm of stories about his lifelong struggle against the forces of nature. Don't miss this blizzard of laughs!
Hosted By:
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 LOVE, ???, AND CHOCOLATE II Join The Story Space's own Gang of Six (and a special guest or two) for a belated Valentine's Day celebration of love, loss, and the hope that springs eternal. At Ten Thousand Villages, 694 Mass Ave, Cambridge. Enjoy tales in this story-friendly store where every item has a story.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  

 Steve Glines is, simply put, an unmitigated delight. His life and upbeat true stories are loaded with a cast of colorful characters and hilarious happenstances.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Regie Gibson Spoken word artiste extraordinaire, Regie dazzles everywhere he performs - his talent eclipsed only by his gracious heart.
Hosted By: Joseph Pagliuca  
 Simon Brooks is a Pro worth hearing just for his Brit accent, let alone absurd talent, great stories and neon-vivid style. Don't miss this rescheduled NH visitor!
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson  

 Barbara Aliprantis From NYC! Born on an island in the Aegean Sea, she shares stories of her Brooklyn Greek-American immigrant childhood, plus a plucky folktale or two.
Hosted By: Joseph Pagliuca  
 Helena Leet-Pellegrini shares, as only she can, experiences that brought AH-HAs - and a few HA-HAs - when she traveled, first to Italy and then to Boston's North End.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

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