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 Joe Pagliuca aka Big Joe the Storyteller, hits us with his unique brand of wired, self-deprecating hilarity, as he recounts his former career teaching pre-school.
Hosted By: Len Lipner
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 Joe Pagliuca "Big Joe" riffs on love - in all its many forms - as only he can do. Manic hilarity! Your Valentine's celebration will not be complete without this!!!
Hosted By: Jane LaChance
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 Joe Pagliuca presents “Joe vs. Snow”: a perfect storm of stories about his lifelong struggle against the forces of nature. Don't miss this blizzard of laughs!
Hosted By:
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 Joe Pagliuca tears it up in honor of his Father, who passed away ten years ago this month, with “Apple and Tree”, which explains exactly why he is the way he is.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Joe Pagliuca On Election Eve we'll no doubt have some very dramatic stories during the Open Telling, as we wait to hear the results, so how could we top that? With Big Joe Pagliuca, that's how!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus
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 Joe Pagliuca aka Big Joe the Storyteller, presents A Fool in Winter: Tales of Misadventure from Bygone Winters. By day he's a professional storyteller with a very packed schedule, performing constantly for children. At night he's a hysterically funny storyteller, regaling us lucky, lucky grown folks!
Hosted By: Joe Pagliuca  

 Joe Pagliuca steps in for a rescheduled Martha Reed Johnson, with "The Ballad of Yellow Joe". What happens when your Liver is failing and you don't even Drink? You go from healthy & happy to yellow & quite Blue. It's a harrowing tale told the only way "Big Joe" knows how - slightly off-kilter & full of laughs.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Joe Pagliuca Joe Pagliuca enhances open telling with more stories he would not share with his young audiences! Visceral and very, very funny, Joe's madcap tales will stay with you long after the last words. Note: We will meet on the second floor because Havurat Shalom is set up for the High Holidays
Hosted By: Joe Pagliuca  
 Joe Pagliuca "Big Joe" presents “Tales of a 4th Grade Something” – from his adventures in the 4th grade. Hear about crazy friends, to dealing with bullies to dealing with the greatest threat to his existence, his 4th grade teacher. The tales will delight and amaze and most of all make you laugh.
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 Joe Pagliuca Will tell tales from teaching preschoolers, entertaining preschoolers, and getting driven crazy by preschoolers! Learn how he got his “Big Joe” name. See how he dealt with sensitive subjects and silly situations. Witness near death experiences, and feel the passion and pain of preschool teaching!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Joe Pagliuca presents "25 Years of Crazy!" Big Joe (aka Joe P.) and his wife, Mrs. Big Joe (aka Peggy), have just celebrated 25 years of marriage. Tonight, Joe will be telling tales of how he met the lovely Mrs. Big Joe, the Proposal, the Wedding (which he planned himself), and yet more craziness.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  

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