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 Andy Davis Andy roams the north woods with a pack full of tales containing equal parts magical realism, personal experience and multicultural folklore.
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson  
 Andy Davis hikes down from the north woods to help us celebrate our 21st Anniversary with his unique brand of country wit & charm!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Andy Davis tells a set of stories springing from his work in Guatemalan refugee camps in the 90s: folklore, personal experience, and a little history and poetry.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis
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 Andy Davis Whether slyly spinning a Shaggy Dog tale or conveying, through story, his mission to improve the World, this NH White Mtns. denizen is always a treat!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus
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 Andy Davis World Fellowship co-director/Shaggy Dog Tale specialist extraordinaire, Andy makes his annual foray from the NH woods to entertain Story Space nation!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis
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 Andy Davis makes his cheerfully-anticipated annual foray from his home deep in the NH White Mountains woods. Whether earnestly sharing tales with a social consciousness or playfully luring his audience into a shaggy dog foray, an evening with Andy is always time delightfully well spent.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  

 Andy Davis comes to us once again from his home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. His stories, personal, traditional and embellished traditional, tend to betray either his strong social consciousness or flat-out mischievousness. Either way, you are bound to enjoy his visit as time well spent indeed.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Andy Davis got his start as a storyteller telling tales by candlelight in Mexican refugee camps 25 years ago. Co-director of the NH White Mountains World Fellowship Center, Andy pays us his annual visit, this time around with a set of stories to ease us in to the darker time of the year.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 Andy Davis is tall and shaggy - or rather, his stories are. He's beaming in from his home in the NH White Mountains with offerings from the Decameron, Irish folklore and second-hand accounts of his own toddlerhood. Prepare for cast-iron cookware, 14th century clerical headgear, and a reciprocating saw. Yikes!
Hosted By: Barbara Aliprantis  

 Andy Davis While living in a half-finished house in the White Mountains, Andy combined his love of nesting stories & epic Irish wonder tales with a dash of magic from other traditions, coming up with a tale of adventure, camaraderie, and mystery. He calls it “The Henwife, the Thief, and the White-Haired Girl.”
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 Andy Davis presents a multi-layered story blending personal narrative, history, & folklore. Expect the human (and canine) search for meaning & belonging, 1890's farm life, apple trees, sled dogs, the Yukon Gold Rush, prodigious snows, frigid temps, and an internat'l love story which revolves around…a sweater.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

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