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 Mike Cohen Caught between the old & the new year, Mike will spin some wondrous tales, both new ones & old, and possibly give us a puppet show, too.
Hosted By: Annie Crockett
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 DIANA VALENTINE Local fave "Lady Di" will help us get in the "spirit" of the season, as she conjures up some very ghostly tales.
Hosted By: Laura Packer  
 Christine Cooper all the way from West Wales, presents The Battle of the Trees, with musical accompaniment. Don't miss this rare US visit!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  

 Laura Packer Fairy tale meets fantasy meets true life, in story goddess Laura's special brand of Magical Realism. Ethereal grit!
Hosted By: Diana Valentine
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 Linda Goodman From Virginia! Scenes from the Dim, Smoky Past: Poignant & humorous tales of growing up, seen through the dim, smoky haze of the mind's eye.
Hosted By: Kate Carney  
 CHRISTIE KEEGAN dishes on the mysteries & vagaries of parenting - & being a child who couldn't figure out what the rules were. Bring your heart & funnybone.
Hosted By: Kate Carney  

 Ron Della Chiesa The golden voice of Boston jazz & classical radio for 5+ decades will grace The Space, sharing from his new memoir "RADIO MY WAY".
Hosted By: Len Lipner  
 OPEN TELLING is for Story fans and Family avoiders alike. It's a big night of pre-Turkey Day tales, with a relaxed time limit!
Hosted By: Yana Sherman
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 ED DUGAN : Clown, Actor, & Storyteller, presents "Medieval Maladies to Modern Mysteries". He'll be ably assisted by his talented wife, Paula.
Hosted By: Paula Dugan
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 Tongue-in-Cheek Storytellers Kevin Brooks, Laura Packer & Bruce Marcus present: Thanksgivings from Hell! We hope you've digested your holiday dinner by now...
Hosted By: Linda Havel  
 Michele Carlo , Moth GrandSlam contestant from NYC, shares holiday-themed stories marking different eras, WWII present, from her book Fish Out Of Agua.
Hosted By: HR Britton  
 OPEN TELLING 'Twas the Tuesday Night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing was stirring but...? Holiday tales with a relaxed time limit.
Hosted By: Linda Havel
Hear Ye:     (Loads in 3 sec.)  

 Yana Sherman A trio of Hanukah tales: 1400s Spain, early 20th Century lower East Side, & an elderly woman's holiday memories. Yana lights the darkness!
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson  

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