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 OPEN TELLING Get your Stars and Stripes on with this post-Holiday Tellaganza! Relaxed time limit!
Hosted By: Linda Havel
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 LIZ APPLEBY points to her head & says, "If you lived here, you’d be dead now." Multiple identities revealed in a wild romp of 'Standup Psychiatry'!
Hosted By: Len Lipner
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 LAURA AND JOHN CANNON Young married veterans present tales from their military service - the stuff they don't tell you about at the recruiting office!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  

 Shari Lynn Kochman The 3 D's: Divorce, Debt & Dating after 45 - Adventures of an under-earning single parent looking for love in the internet age. Rated "PG".
Hosted By: Jane LaChance  
 Tony Toledo shares BAWDY folktales! Love & lust, wind & wandering, rabbits & randiness. You might blush & ask, "Did he just say what I thought he said?"
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Libby Franck Voices in the Valley, Voices from the Past: Tales of 4 generations of family women (Libby's the 3rd) that begin in Richvalley, Indiana...
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson
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 H.R. Britton Fresh from the Minneapolis Fringe Fest! Melting in Madras: Seeking, singing & sickness for a young, naive HR in India, circa 1995.
Hosted By: Len Lipner  
 Dave Hornfischer , host of monthly Amazing Open Comedy Mique Show in Framingham, spins comic takes on Berklee College, grandkids, politics, golf & more!
Hosted By: Libby Franck  
 PAULA DUGAN , much missed, returns to Story Space to serve up her original stories, traditional tales & Celtic myth - all with humor, depth & empathy.
Hosted By: Ed Dugan
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 KR GLICKMAN Why I Changed My Name From Karen To KR: Born deaf, KR dishes on the richness of deaf culture. Voice interpreted for the signing impaired!
Hosted By: Tony Toledo  
 SHIFRA L. FREEWOMAN Over 2 decades, Story Space has seen a lot of souls blossom, & THIS blossom's got a LOT of soul! Check her OUT!!
Hosted By: Kate Carney  
 Mike Myers serving up Deli Tales, bad puns & maybe even a piece of cheese!
Hosted By: Linda Havel
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 LINDA HAVEL dreams stories & poems while looking over ancient glacial Cochituate Lake in Saxonville, MA. Tonight: A Woman's Place Is Every Place.
Hosted By: Joseph Havel  

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