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 Steve Daut Tells "TALL TRUTH AND TALES" - Is there truth in fiction? Is there fiction in truth? In these four stories – three rooted in history, one set in recent times – we’ll encounter a giant, a ghost, a moving mass of earth, and a pond full of frogs.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens
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 Mike Lockett Dr. Mike Lockett is a teller of traditional takes in a non-traditional manner. He was an educator and part time storyteller for 33 years. He went full-time as a teller in 2005. He has given over 4000 programs across 32 states and in 17 countries and is the author of 28 books and 6 CDs and DVDs.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Carol Moore is a storyteller and public speaking coach who performs true, personal narratives with a style that is comedic, conversational, and authentic. Time with Carol feels like catching up with an old friend over delicious cocktails. If you bring the sips, she’ll bring the stories.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  

 Michael Anderson Michael Anderson is a First Amendment lawyer. After he takes off his tie, he talks to audiences in ways they don’t allow in federal court. He loves George Orwell, the Queen’s Gambit, and the first three Clash albums. He thinks: there’s no such thing as free speech if you don’t use it.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Atsu Adaletey Peter Atsu Adaletey comes to us from Ghana. He is a Teaching Artist with over twenty years of experience in storytelling, theatre, film, art, dance, and poetry. He is also a mentor at Youth Standing Strong Camp.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Jennifer Otto is a storyteller and author who creates and tells original stories for adults and children. She has told at numerous festivals and events in Michigan, where she lives, frequently at Northlands Conference, has been on stage at STF and is the host of monthly virtual story gathering Michigan Meet Up.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  

 Debbie Rittner Her aunt's botched abortion a century ago was a family secret profoundly affecting 4 generations of women. Many women may now face the same situation again, risking their lives in illegal abortions, and causing untold family suffering. "My story is a personal one that has never been told before."
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 YSSC Youth Tellers For a 3rd year, Youth Standing Strong Camp (YSSC) presents a Double Feature event of new young tellers from around the world: 6:00PM-6:45PM Early Bird Youth Feature, 7:00PM-7:55PM Open Telling (8-minute slots), 8:15PM–9:00PM: More Featured Youth Tellers,
Hosted By: Barbara Aliprantis  
 Fabio Lisboa Fabio Lisboa tells fabulous Brazilian folktales and stories from Brazil and around the world. In one of them, a fearful mouse asks for help from a powerful “pajé” (the tribe´s healing man). The Brazilian´s tales and fables bring out values such as courage in a self-discovering journey.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis
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 Regina Ress Sounding like a demon straight from hell, the low-flying jet rattled her apartment in lower Manhattan just before it plunged into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The hijackers thought only of loosing terror. Instead, Regina witnessed a tidal wave of compassion, generosity, and grace.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus
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 LAUREN MATTONE presents "The Queen of Small Gifts". A 30+ years classroom veteran, Storytelling has always been an integral part of her teaching. However, she especially enjoys sharing personal stories, and tonight, Lauren tells us about her family's complicated relationship with gifts and gift-giving.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen
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 Alan Kanen You are hereby warned that "A Trip Through Kanen-land" contains stories about life, love, creativity - and New York City. But do not worry; there will not be a quiz at the end. As was once said in a TV commercial, "You can't make these things up." Come hear for yourself!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 Diane Ferlatte Accompanied by her musician Erik Pearson, Grammy nominated storyteller Diane Ferlatte, for over thirty years wowed audiences in twenty countries. Tonight her stories will derive from the song "It's a Wonderful World" - with songs and stories that emphasize optimism and positivity.
Hosted By: Barbara Aliprantis
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