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            Archive of Past Features: Oct-Dec 2014       
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 Elisa Pearmain Join us for our 1st week on the move at Ten Thousand Villages, 694 Mass Ave! Elisa is telling about Transitions, just like the one we're having!
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 Brendyn Schneider Young, hip and taking the storytelling world by storm, Brendyn strides in to help us enjoy our first night at "Out of the Blue Too" in high style!
Hosted By: Joe Pagliuca
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 Merrill Kohlhofer is a raconteur and National Park Service docent who tells LOTS of stories for a living! Don't miss his historical & maritime tales, some very ghostly.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 Mike Cohen will give us an update on the State of the Onion, and for Halloween, some of his patented eerie-but-funny ghost stories.
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson
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 Judith Black At turns poignant, political and wet-your-pants funny, the local First Lady of Story rocks out on election eve as only she can do!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Bill Hinderer Veteran's Day features this astonishingly eloquent veteran/Maine storyteller presenting 2 war-related tales: "The Ghost of Inveral" and "My New Job".
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  

 Jimmy Tingle ! Nationally known comic, actor, and TV personality, Jimmy Tingle lights up our humble stage with his boundless wit, warmth, and wicked Boston accent.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Joanna Demarest will travel 4,063 miles to share fairytales and stories of her escapades on the road. This is sure to be a night filled with adventure!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Susan Lenoe raised generations of listeners during her 25-year run at Andover Bookstore. Charm radiates through her personal & folk tales & historic characters!
Hosted By: Joe Pagliuca  

 Terry Kitchen Local author, essayist, poet, and songwriter cruises in to share excerpts from debut novel "Next Big Thing", some shorter pieces and a song or two.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus
Hear Ye:     (Loads in 3 sec.)  
 Nicolette Nordin Heavey produces Stories in the Streets, a summer program for city kids. Tonight she weaves a folktale together with her remarkable "Streets" experiences.
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson  
 Jackson Gillman will reprise an eerie but true account of a Jewish Xmas Eve in Cambridge some years ago, plus funny songs about Latkes, a Snow Angel, and who knows?
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens
Hear Ye:     (Loads in 3 sec.)  

 Robyn Perkins Visiting from UK, the Host of London's weekly comedy series "Laugh Train Home" takes us out of 2014 with some seriously delighful humo(u)r!
Hosted By: Joe Pagliuca
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