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            Archive of Past Features: Apr-Jun 2012       
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 Michael Reno Harrell Appalachian wit & grit. Michael has toured for almost 40 years, spreading his stories, humor, & award-winning songs. Don't miss this visit!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Joanna Demarest will tickle your funny bone and lift your heart with her stories of magic and whimsy.
Hosted By: Kevin Brooks  
 Robin Maxfield is a storyteller, emcee, & stand-up comic who takes her family events & turns them on their heads. Dynamic & hilarious!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 RALPH CHADIS , AKA Not Your Typical Bard, presents his own inimitable take on the Medieval classic "Sir Gawain & the Green Knight".
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson  
 Carroll Donnell cancelled due to illness at the last moment, and there was an Open Telling instead. Hopefully she will reschedule her appearance.
Hosted By: Diana Valentine
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 Brendyn Schneider , equally influenced by Jean Shepherd, Lord Buckley, & Joe Strummer, takes audiences on a trip through the follies known as "growing up".
Hosted By: Mike Cohen
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 Katie Green , who usually "tells stories of truth, folk, and faery", will present a classic Railroad tale, and then a brand-new story, "Dog Company".
Hosted By: Ellen Robertson  
 Richard Fries , Bicycle Evangelist, cancelled on us with no notice, so we had a great Open Telling instead. Hopefully, it wasn't another horrendous crash!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Obehi Janice reflects on depression, faith, and the search for self while inhabiting multiple identities: Black Female, Nigerian-American, and Christian.
Hosted By: Linda McClain  

 Regi Carpenter Where There's Smoke, There's Dinner: stories of a seared childhood. Family: recipe for disaster or comfort food? New Carpenter Clan tales!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis
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 ELAINE FADDEN presents: What Happens In Ireland: Stories by a true Boston Irish Lass exploring her heritage with humor and insight.
Hosted By: Kevin Brooks  
 Cheryl Hamilton , refugee advocate & relentless storyteller, weaves true life stories of courage & compassion with infectious energy & self-deprecating wit.
Hosted By: Len Lipner  

 Abhishek Shah With a lilt in his voice & drop-dead deadpan delivery, 2012 slam finalist Abhishek belies the absurdity unraveling in his tales. Big laughs!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  

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