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 Doria Hughes Wanna see a full moon tonight? Come on in for Doria's latest tide of stories - crazy sounds & faces included. You'd be a lunatic to miss it!
Hosted By: Yana Sherman
Hear Ye:     (Loads in 3 sec.)  
 Doria Hughes tells trickster tales, silly tales, scary tales, and R-Rated stories from many cultures; performs & teaches story-telling/reading in schools, libraries & bookstores for people ages 0 and up. She is a co-founder of MassMouth, a ReadBoston Select Storyteller, and runs a monthly Adult Folktale series.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  
 Doria Hughes rocks the house with traditional stories that are decisively for grown-ups. Her earthy, highly animated renditions of tales you are unlikely to hear anywhere else are sure to gross out and delight you!
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  

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