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 About Us 

Brother Blue and Ruth Back in February of 1992, Brother Blue and his wife, Ruth Edmonds Hill, started a weekly Storytelling series at the BookCellar Cafe, near Porter Square in Cambridge, Mass. It was meant to be a place where storytellers of all levels could come and tell their tales in a safe and nurturing environment.

This was the World's only weekly Storytelling venue, and it soon became the longest lasting storytelling series in New England (and perhaps in the US). "Brother Blue's" met weekly, at least 50 weeks a year, for over 18 years. And, it survived four Location changes as well (to Foozles Bookstore, the Radcliffe Library, the Harvard-EDS Divinity School, and The Out of the Blue Art Gallery), thanks to Ruth's determined leadership.

This picture and story were on every single one of Blues' weekly Storytelling Calendars:
Old man planting an Apple tree    The Old Man and the Apple Trees

A very old man was planting apple trees. Someone said to him: "What are you planting apple trees for? It will be a long time before they bear fruit, and you will not live to eat a single apple." The old man replied, "I'll not eat them, but others will, and they will thank me."

After Blue was taken ill while performing at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington in June of 2009, the Series was continued as "Forever Blue", under the loving guidance of Storytellers Laura Packer and the late Kevin Brooks. In the Fall of 2010, they passed the torch to The Gang of Six, all long-time faithful attendees, and we have been "The Story Space" ever since.

Our Mission Statement

The Story Space is a community dedicated to making the world a better place through storytelling.

Our founders, Brother Blue and Ruth Hill, dedicated their lives to storytelling and story listening. We are here to continue that tradition.

We remember that storytelling takes listeners and tellers to new places, and that a good storytelling venue allows us the freedom to create in a respectful environment, no matter where we are on our storytelling path. We listen to each other with appreciation and delight. We have the responsibility to be present and non-judgmental, so that feedback (when it is asked for) is positive and affirming.

We tell the stories that matter to us, with the intent to connect to our source, our selves, and our audience. And we have a great time, whether we’re listening or telling.

We are storytellers. We are changing the world.

A note about the website itself. StorySpace.Org is meant to be more than just the face of our Community, or a place to find out "who is next week's feature, anyway?". It is also intended as a portal into the world of Storytelling. You can read all the stories you want in your home, at the Library, or even online. But reading cannot duplicate the experience of hearing someone telling you a story. So, by all means, come to the Story Space. And when you can, please come to a Storytelling Conference, Festival, Potluck, Swapmeet, or Tellabration.

We are interested in receiving your feedback about StorySpace.Org. Please let us know what you like, what you dislike, and how we can improve your experience of our website. Please send any and all comments to webmaster@StorySpace.Org.